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Life's best memories tend to stem from our big events.  Graduations, holidays, weddings, birthdays, performances, reunions, etc.

Let us help you make the memories more vivid with professional, affordable photography. We offer flexible pricing and our photographers are willing to travel to your event. For any other questions get in touch with us here.

"As the one in the family who is usually planning and hosting our big events, it's nice to sit back and not have to worry that all the proper pictures are being taken. This is one to leave to the pros."

- Edna U.
Brecksville, Ohio

"I used to think I could capture my big events just as well with my cell phone camera until I actually paid the money for a professional. The difference is beyond noticeable. I highly recommend Zap House Media."

- Jimmy S.
New York, NY



Basic pricing for photography hovers around $90/hr. with a 3 hour minimum. This includes a disc with hundreds of edited pictures that can be easily uploaded to social media or taken to a print shop.  Consider taking it a step further with a video montage created from your favorite photos of the batch ($1.00/picture) or prints of your favorite pics (75 4x6 prints for $15.00)  


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