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Many events are too important to attend and forget. Having a video to remember the occasion isn't just a bonus anymore. It's the norm. Next time you have a concert, sporting event, outing, party, graduation, or anything else that deserves rememberence, be sure to check with us for a quote on a fully edited video to commemorate the gathering.

"We spared no expense for our daughter's Quinceañera. We were pleasantly surprised by the price and quality of work Zap House did on the video.  Now the memory is preserved forever."

- Gabriela S.
Brooklyn, Ohio

"The guys at Zap House came out to our girls fastpitch tournament and put together a great team video for us with each player getting their own individual showcase. This thing is priceless to me now."


- Madison, I.
Fairview Park, Ohio



Every video project will vary based on the specific needs of each client. As a guidline, the base price for a video shoot is $90/hr. & the base price for video editing is $60/hr. Many of our video productions are offered in packages as well.  For an accurate estimate, please get in touch with us. We'd love to hear your ideas and work with your budget.

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