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Our business is currently undergoing a complete transformation that includes the addition of many new services in multiple categories. While our full-time positions are currently filled, we forsee steady growth with the creation of many part time & contracting jobs to start and the eventual hiring of more full-time employees in the future. We are seeking individuals from a variety of skill tiers and price ranges. Our clients vary greatly and some are looking to spend top dollar on highly experienced professionals while others are trying to save money and find a great deal on a less proven, but still talented, freelancer for their project. That being said, whether you have many years of experience or you're fresh out of college, don't be deterred from applying. Payscale will vary by experience, but the more demand you build for your craft, the more our client will be willing to pay for your service. We're seeking individuals who thrive on this system that rewards hard work and dedication to one's specialty. Hours are 100% flexible and every job you take is up to you.  If you prefer to stick to a very specific niche, that's completely up to you as well.
For those interested in applying, please send your resume to or if you have questions, please send them to the same address.  If you have work samples available online, please include a link in your email.
- Video Editors
- Camera Operators
- Stock Music Producers
- Session Musicians
- Mastering Specialist
- Event DJ's
- Event Photographers
- Studio Photographers
- Portrait Photographers
- Product/Retail Photographers
- Web Designers
- Graphic Designers
- Social Media Managers


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