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Radiant Church - Sermon
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For a more in-depth approach, consider running a separate mic for every instrument. The every level can be captured and edited later for a fully controllable live sound.



Zap House Media has all the equipment necessary to travel and do an on-site recording. This could be ideal for live events such as bands playing out, church services, speeches, conferences, live announcing for sports and more. It also works for parties, festivals, open mic nights, or anywhere else there are live music performances.  Contact us to set up a meeting soon.

"Everyone in my family plays music at our big annual gathering in the summer. This year we had an on-site recording done of the whole thing and it turned out great. The CD's made great Christmas gifts."

- S. J.
Medina, OH

"Had a live audio and video recording done at my jam's practice space. The resulting footage and audio was everything we needed to put together a great band DVD with a music video included."

- Walter Z.
Cleveland, OH



The base price for live recording time is $50 / hour. Setup time is charged at the same rate. 

Audio mixing and editing (after recording) varies depending on the amount of tracks.  In general, our rates hover around $50/ song.


For more accurate estimates, please call or visit.


For an easy live recording, we can set up mics to capture the overall essence in most spaces.  If playing at a venue, please make sure the venue will allow an outside company to record. Many venues will prohibit this.


Maria, Adam, and Mike - Coffee Shop Jam Session
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