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Putting together a rap/hip hop demo? Head over to Zap House to sample some of our custom beats, all original, all designed in-house. Or we'll work with you to create something from scratch. Take the beats with you or record vocals here in our studio and end up with a finished product. Our custom loops are great for game designers, websites, etc. as well.

"I'm a great rapper, but I don't have the artistic vision to create my own beats from scratch. Adem showed me through a library of beats that he created himself and now I have a full album of unique music with my lyrics recorded right on top."

- S. J. S.
, Ohio

"As an independent game designer, I don't have all the time in the world to focus on making a great soundtrack for my games. This time, I went to Zap House and the custom loops they created for me were perfect for my game and professionaly designed."

- Vihaan P.
Middleburg Heights, OH



Pre-packaged one-of-a-kind MP3  tracks start around $40/ea.  For an editable file with individually adjusted tracks, the base rate is $80.  When comparing prices to online royalty free music sellers, remember that millions of others could be buying the same tracks.  Every mp3 we sell is a unique purchase. To work with us on creating a custom track, please call or visit and make an appointment.

Here is an example of a loop that was custom-designed for an indie video game company.  Loops are preferred for this type of project because length is irrelevant. The file size is small and the track will repeat itself.


Level 4 - Xenospire
00:00 / 00:00

Making your own song doesn't have to be a huge task. Forget finding musicians or buying the latest music creation software. Let us create the beat for you, like this custom piece.


Sample Beat - Custom Piece
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