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Every band, artist, and musical ensemble should have a great video to showcase their style, stage presence, or artistic vibe. For some, this will be an on location recording in a practice location. For others this might be a live shoot at the next local gig. Because of our deep understanding of audio, Zap House is the company to go to for any type of music video.

"With the money my band set aside for recording time, we were able to get so much more at Zap House. They helped us put together a package with a music video and photo shoot included."

- You're a Ghost
Cleveland, Ohio

"My band plays covers at a local bar from time to time. We don't need anything fancy, but it's nice to have the memory, so Zap came out to the pub last time and now we have a great live video. The sound came out amazing."

- Bob M.
Lakewood, OH



Every video project will vary based on the specific needs of each client. As a guidline, the base price for a video shoot is $90/hr. & the base price for video editing is $60/hr. Many of our band/artist clients choose to go with a package that includes extras such as line recording (a mixed recording with every instrument mic'd separately), pro photo shoot during the performance, and more. For a full list of options, please contact us or stop by our store.

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