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Everything is nicer when it comes in a tight, attractive package. Whatever your project is, we highly recommend using custom packaging. For home made goods or crafts, this will bring your creations to the next level of professionalism. For media options such as CD's and DVD's, a custom case is the difference between memorable and forgettable. Contact us for more info.

"The home movies I had transferred to DVD at this location have now become a display piece on our mantle thanks to the stylish cover. It's always a great conversation starter."

- Eve W.
Strongsville, OH

"Had the Zap team design a great product sticker for the front of my home made granola. I'm now being taken a lot more seriously at the local farmers market where I sell it."

- Jake V.
Cleveland, OH



Possibilities in this area are endless so pricing is something that should truly be discussed over the phone or in person.  As a very rough example, a one-page design or DVD case will most likely range in the $20-50 range.  In some cases, cover and label design is included in package pricing. As mentioned, please contact us for all the information relating to your specific project so that we can come to an accurate estimate.


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