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Anyone can take a picture and apply a filter these days. It takes a professional to implement time-consuming alterations such as photo salvaging and artistic editing. This is only the beginning at Zap House, however. Please check out a few examples to the right and keep in mind that this is a small glimpse into what is possible at our studio. Let us know your photo editing needs.

"Took some family portraits up to Zap Studios and let them go wild. The end results made unique and convenient Christmas gifts this year."

- Randy S.
Avon, OH

"Brought in an old, torn-up picture of my great grandmother. The team at Zap House was not only able to fix every blemish and modernize the photo, but they also added color. It is truly breathtaking."

- Sylvia
Cleveland, OH



Pricing for photo alterations range widely due to the vast amount of possibilities. Use these prices as a very rough guideline and when you're ready for an accurate estimate, please contact us. For a set of bulk pictures that require general color corrections our base price is $1 per picture. For in-depth editing, prices generally range between $5 and $50 depending on the amount of editing necessary.


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