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Rocktagon - Radio Ad
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Ads can be simple and straight forward or they can be complex and paint a mental image in the listener's mind through various sound effects and targeted volume control.

More examples on the way!



While radio may be a dying medium, a well thought-out and expertly placed audio ad can make a huge difference. When you only have 15-30 seconds to deliver your pitch, it's important to make sure it represents your business in the best way possible. Don't leave it up to chance. Come and record your ad at our studio and we'll even edit it from start to finish if that's what your project needs.

"Had one ad recorded here and have been using it ever since.  AM radio, FM radio, satellite radio, Pandora, various podcasts, you name it."

- Antoine W.
Cleveland, OH

"Zap helped me make a really cool personalized fake radio ad that I used for a surprise prosposal to my fiancée at the time.  She's my wife now!"

- Perry O.

Berea, OH



The base price for studio recording time is $50 / hour.  


Audio mixing and editing (after recording) varies depending on the complexity of the ad.  In general, our rates hover around $75 / ad.


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