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Opening Credits Theme - Indie Showcase
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If there is one thing we love at Zap House, it's big, ambitious projects and going after your passions. Many big projects such as indie films, money-making YouTube channels, web series, video games, and more all need to have a compelling soundtrack. If that's not your forté, let us handle it for you. Just tell us your direction and we'll sit down with you and tweak it to perfection.

"As a film-maker, I wear many different hats and this often gets overwhemlming. Passing off the soundtrack duties was a great decision. I still had my say in the final product but the work was done for me and it took no time at all."

- Anonymous

"I have a web series going on YouTube so I needed some royalty free tunes to get around their strict copyright blocking filters. Now I have a full soundtrack to work with including a new theme song."


- Satchel R.
Butler, Pennsylvania



We have a library of royalty free music that was custom-made, in-house. Whatever your next project is, feel free to come in and browse our selection. From there, we'll be happy to create something custom, to your liking, if you'd prefer.  Average price per song is $50-75 depending on length. All music becomes the sole property of the purchaser.


Every indie flick producer should put some real time into finding an engaging soundtrack. To avoid royalties, come to us first and find something that fits perfectly.

Get your audience's hearts racing with something suspenseful such as this track used in a short web film.  After a sit down meeting with the client and some hands-on tweaking, the score was ready to debut.

Suspense Scene - Anonymous
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