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Few things in life capture the combined energy, talent, passion, art and exitement of sports. It makes perfect sense that they're one of the most entertaining things to watch on video. Whether you're trying to get into college or you're a coach who wants to leave a season souvenir for your team, we'll offer you the best bang for your buck on your next sports video project.

"The guys at Zap House came out to our girls fastpitch tournament and put together a great team video for us with each player getting their own individual showcase. This thing is priceless to me now."

- Madison, I.
Fairview Park, Ohio

"Needed to get a high school graduation gift for my cousin who happens to be a great football player. Brought some footage into Zap House and they put together a scholarship video for him that ended up helping him get into a great school at half the cost. Now tell me that's not a great gift!"

- Gia V.
Mentor, Ohio



Every video project will vary based on the specific needs of each client. As a guidline, the base price for a video shoot is $90/hr. & the base price for video editing is $60/hr. Many of our video productions are offered in packages as well.  For example our sports scholarship video package includes 20 DVD copies for you to send out to your potential colleges.

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