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Zap House Media is the leading company for video transfers in the area. Our accepted formats cover just about anything you may have. From old, 8mm home movie reels to tablet & phone movie files, we'll work with you to get your videos onto a DVD, flash drive, or upload them straight to YouTube.

"My home movie reels were starting to deteriorate, as Deb from Zap House informed me they will after so many years. This lead me to get all my reels transferred to a set of DVD's and I couldn't be happier with the convenience of the entire process."

- Betsy J.
Brook Park, Ohio

"I had a video very dear to me that I recorded from my iPad. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anywhere that could transfer the file onto a DVD so I could show it at the next family gathering. That changed when I found Zap House. Thanks again."

- Harley W.
Cleveland, Ohio



BASIC TRANSFER to DVD - $15 | VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Mini-DV, Hi-8, DVD

DVD COPIES - $5 each (with purchase of transfer)

REELS TRANSFER -  $0.20 per foot

UPLOAD TO YOUTUBE - Add $15 per hour of footage

FILES TO FLASH DRIVE - ADD $15 per 2 hours of footage

We Transfer:
We Pull Video from:
Output Formats:
8mm/super 8 reels
Super 8mm
16mm reels
Hard Drives
iPads & Tablets
Smart Phones
Online (YouTube, etc.)
Flash Drives
Memory Cards
Flash Drive
YouTube Upload
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