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Episode 1 - Smash & Terrence
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Using a professional audio recording studio in your projects isn't always the first thought when laying out a master plan. We're here to change your mind and put it at the forefront. After your hear the difference in your narrations and voiceovers, you'll understand why it's not one of the safest corners to cut when you're going for a professional feel in your projects.

"We improved the narration on my documentary to bring it up to a professional level. My only regret is that I didn't go in and take care of it sooner."

- Liza
Akron, Ohio

"I had just finished filming a huge scene for my short film when I realized the sound didn't come out at all the way I planned. Luckily we were able to come to the studio at Zap House and redo all the dialogue and lay it over the scene."

- H.K.
Cleveland, OH



The base price for studio recording time is $50 / hour.  This may fluctuate depending on the simplicity or complexity of the project.


Audio mixing and editing (after recording) varies depending on the complexity as well.  In general, our rates hover around $30 / voice recording.


Here's a clip taken from a cartoon about a cave-boy and a pteradactyl.  The voiceovers, soundtrack, and sound effects were all recorded and edited in our in-house studio.

This narration was the final touch on a great documentary set in the Cleveland area.  Narration is a great tool in many productions and can be done here professionally.

First Catholic Slovak Union - Historic Documentary
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