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Zap House offers professional and affordable web design for small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, hobbyists, and more. We have no problem integrating audio/video, deposit forms, online stores, downloadable content & more.  SEO and mobile version are always included in the price.  Contact us for more info.

"Zap had the best prices available and my new website puts the competing businesses in my area to shame.  See for yourself at"

- Sergio
Cleveland, Ohio

"Adding an online store to my boutique's website has doubled sales in just under a year. I detailed my needs and Zap House took care of the rest, from the product photography to the transformation of my site."

- Jimmy S.
New York, NY



Pricing varies based on the complexity/simplicity of each indidual site. Basic websites start at just $50/page + hosting costs (estimated between $10-20 per mo.)  For sites with online retail (eCommerce) or sites rich in content, please expect higher prices. Please see our other services for relevant additions in this area such as logo design, advertisements, video montages, professional location photography, and more. 


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