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Congratulations to Megan and Michael who are the winners of the Free Wedding Video Contest from Zap House Media!

Megan and Michael are high school sweethearts who will have been dating for 9 years when their wedding date rolls around. After high school, Michael went to school in Florida to pursue his passion for aviation while Megan stayed in Ohio to work on her career in education. They stayed together through five years of a long-distance relationship. Despite any hardships this brought, the two of them kept their relationship strong until Megan graduated and moved to Jacksonville with a new teaching job. On July 26th, 2015, Michael proposed as the sun set on the horizon. After all this time, Megan and Michael will be married on July 16th back in Ohio.

Megan and Michael have proved that, given enough attention and effort, a long distance relationship really can work. The dedication they've given to their relationship and the sacrifices they've made through so many years is a lesson we can all learn from. This is why we chose them as the winners of our contest. Zap House Media will be in attendance for the wedding to provide them with full wedding videography services free of charge. Stay tuned this summer for highlights from their big day and don't forget to send them a congratulations!

We want to give a special thanks to all the potential couples that were not chosen. We appreciated reading all your heartfelt stories. Though we can't be in attendance, we wish nothing but the best for your upcoming weddings.

Photo provided by Angie Farro |

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